New anthologies and a writing course

Eneit Press is very active this Halloween!

Maybe you want to improve your writing skills:

Eneit Press announces its first writing course

or feel you're ready to submit to us:

Voices - Horror Anthology

or even just to me

Somewhere I Know There Is Nothing - Speculative Fiction Anthology

We said we were going places!

Come along and chat to us there

eneit and I will be up for questions and having a chat about In Bad Dreams in the upcoming:

Conflux 4 - Virtual Mini-con

4th August 2007. The timetable is yet to be announced but it will be morning for those in my neck of the woods, tea time for those in Australia and the middle of the bloody night for you in the US.

So what, it's not an excuse, get yerselves over, cheer us on, ask us tricky questions, that kind of thing...

Moving along nicely thank you very much...

All edits were finalised last week and my nightmare two days of formatting (got to be the worst job) done, meaning book is off at the proofreaders, and yes, it's getting good feedback. My little tale isn't blowing anyone away yet but that's coming later... *winks*

There's not much left, it feels so close... close enough to touch...

But do I dare?
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    Editors: An End Has a Start

Read this line-up and weep (those not involved at least)!

Here it is, the first official announcement of the line up of In Bad Dreams, and yes, the book is as good as the line-up suggests!

Michael Bailey - contributor
R. J. Barker - contributor
Jennifer Brozek - contributor
Stephanie Campisi - contributor
Miles Deacon - contributor
Mark S. Deniz - contributor, co-editor and co-publisher
L. J. Hayward - contributor
Rob Hood - contributor
Pete Kempshall - contributor
Sharyn Lilley - contributor, co-editor and co-publisher
Amanda Pillar - contributor
D. R. Pearce - contributor
Donald Jacob Uitvlugt - contributor
Kaaron Warren - contributor

Titles and more information to follow as the promotion phase kicks off!

A sorely needed update

After having been a little lax on this community, I feel it behoves me to give you an idea of how things are progressing with this anthology at the moment.

As you may or may not now, eneit and I have been given the yes to the new business and Eneit Press will be in action very soon. After several chats with people much wiser than us we have decided to publish In Bad Dreams ourselves, using it as the intro to our careers at the company.

We have also made the decision to launch the book at this year's speculative fiction convention in Canberra, Conflux 4, which is the last weekend in September. This has brought up lots of questions of logistics but so far eneit and I are dealing with them.

There will be a list of authors coming soon, so you can actually see who is in the book but for now we are waiting for a re-write and want to wait until it is confirmed.

That's about it for now, make sure you stay tuned for further developments...