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a big couple of days

occured when a phone call, made simply to ascertain potential interest for our anthology led to everything being bundled up and sent to a publisher in time for an aquisition meeting tommorow. The publisher is well aware that the work is still in progress, but we had enough to positively show the direction we are heading. Now comes the waiting game. It was, however, definitely encouraging to get such a response. *g*

and now

Decisions were made, and authors contacted. We were absolutely delighted to have every author we contacted agree to continue along the path with us, and now we begin the work of pulling the whole thing together. A process that is proving to be fascinating.

Decision Day

How the time has flown past, after tommorow we will be making our final decisions. So if you've written something, meaning to submit it to us, do so *g*

The clock is ticking...

We are coming up to an exciting time with the In Bad Dreams project as we are now less than a month away from submission deadline. We have received a good number of submissions, some of those of very high standard indeed (to the point of giving eneit bad dreams!) and are eager to see how the book itself is shaping up.

We are also nearer to being able to let people know they have been accepted and inform you of an extra theme within the anthology that has, as yet, not been mentioned. Excited? You should be!

Time is flying so fast at the moment and I even have three stories on my desk as yet unread. This is something that was inevitable towards the end of the submission phase but also hindered by the fact that eneit and I have been embroiled in meetings regarding the setting up of our own publishing company Eneit Press.

Things are moving incredibly well on that stage too and we have already had discussions with an experienced editor regarding a spangly new idea for a book (more news soon) and we have been approached by another editor, checking the viability of publishing her anthology with us.

Anyway enough talk about Eneit Press as that is a topic for another community, I just wanted to say that things are full-speed, top gear here and we should have lots of information early next month regarding what is going on!

If you're writing submissions, get a wriggle on as you only have a few weeks left!


Things are moving along now and we are just over a month away from the deadline for the anthology. The project itself has been very exciting so far and with submissions, re-submissions and a sack load of queries in our inboxes, we are more than confident that not only will we have our quota of stories but that they’ll be of an extremely high level too!

In Bad Dreams came at me like a bolt of lightning, gathering momentum with every step and once eneit came on board the great ideas came flooding in and everything gained an incredibly professional touch to it.

I am looking forward to informing the writers of the stories we are accepting and then letting them know all the work they have to put in before this little box of delights is ready to be sent off to the publishers.

Thanks for the interest, submissions, re-submissions, queries, advice and help with the project, it’s been fun so far and will only get better!

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Things are moving along again; I've received two new submissions and an outline for a possible story in the last few days. I also have a meeting on Friday (29th September) to discuss setting up a publishing company.

This doesn't mean that it is we that will be publishing the book ourselves, as I am eager to send it off to a few big publishers next year. This is more a case of something that eneit and I are interested in (already having got the first idea for our first publication within the company).

Looking forward to seeing more submissions and am really getting a feel for this book now.

In Bad Dreams progresses nicely

Things are going well with the anthology and even though the news has been sporadic (as eneit has mentioned already) we have read quite a few short stories, especially when considering the deadline is still three months away and considering my earliest submission is usually two days before that last day!

The calibre of some of the stories has been excellent too and the more I think about this project, the more I get excited about it. Although not wanting to wish time away, I am nevertheless looking forward to December, when we can let authors know of their inclusion and start editing this book.

seriously disturbed

The mark of a good horror story is one that haunts your thoughts long after you've read it. For me, Herbert's Ghost's of Sleath is one such story, as is King's The Breathing Method which is the only one of the novellas from that book not to be made into a film. I now get to count several short stories into this category.

One of the issues about working on this type of book has to be location. Our different time zones mean one of us has to go to bed after reading and discussing some very compelling tales of darkness. Last night was my turn, and I have to admit that today I have spent a great deal of time sitting in the sun, cuddling my babies. Some stories are definitely seriously disturbing.

On a lighter note, when markdeniz finishes his election work, I believe he owes us all several posts, don't you?
We had embarked on a fact finding mission, seeking possible publishers, drafting a basic query email, looking into website hosting sites etc, only to have the mission derailed slightly. For me, it's been family life, and lack of sleep; markdeniz has a much cooler derailment reason; his movie starts shooting this weekend. *g* We'll both be back at work soon.